This happened in my first internship I was working for a small company. They had a knack of redefining policies at short notices.

The had this shitty time tracking site which was hosted internally.

We were working on client location for 25/30 days so we didn't have access to the time tracking site. And there comes a memo that everybody has to fill the time tracking or their salary will not be credited.

So when we reach office we hear this "News". We thought they would consider people on client location. But then on salary day we don't get any and are called into VP's office for a verbal lashing. We literally had to fight for two weeks for the salary.

Worst Experience Ever

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    They got their heads so far up their ass, they forgot about employees onsite... those a-holes might not even retain clients if it wasn't for you..

    Sometimes I wish unions would make a comeback. 😈🙊
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    Companies like that should be sued. Or blocked by worker unions.
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