I sometimes thank the education system for teaching me really outdated stuff. Here's why...

With new programing languages with all the jazz and cool tricks, it's not impossible to develop concepts and get in the flow of visualizing problem solution. Like for eg, plython3 had inbuilt method to swap variables but I know how to swap variables without a third variable because I had to do it without python. Now that I have the ability to build algorithms, I can leverage functionalities provided by languages in better way.

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    A good school teaches how to learn
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    @Orek, exactly my point. This was for all those who keep saying that education teaches outdated stuff and it's not relevant
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    But I was the one who taught my teachers how to swap 2 variables without third one... I didnt understand the assignment and did it the hard way instead of the three variables they wanted to see.

    When discussing it later on they said something like: "so as you can see, sometimes you need to have an extra variable to store something temporarily."
    To what I replied:"that is true but that is not the case in this assignment."

    Teachers didnt believe me so I had to explain it to the whole class and all my teachers how I did it.
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