Why is it so uncomfortable working in an open space office!

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    Because it is
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    Wear nothing but white undies. Then its they that are uncomfortable not you

    Edit: Shit, you're a woman, that probably wouldn't work then
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    @runfrodorun Personally i prefer small team rooms (3-6 people), it keeps the distractions relevant and makes cooperation easy, open offices suck donkeyballs though, Hearing every single conversation customer support is having might be great for my understanding of the issues our customers are having but it makes it really f--king hard to focus on fixing those issues.
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    Ive only worked in offices with 10 people max per room.
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    some of these replies made me almost choke on my dinner 😂
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    Maybe you should try a space suit, it will solve the ear buzzing and lack of oxygen in open space.
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    Walls and doors have been around for a long time. For very good reasons.

    Rooms provides privacy for things like concentrating and making phone calls you don't want everyone listening in on.
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    I've not found them to be a problem.

    There's as many benefits for me as there are potential draw backs... the one benefit is I'm not stuck in a room of likeminded people patting me on the back for my entire career.

    People who point out things I've not thought about, because they're from a different background and just interested in what I'm working on are awesome.
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    You have to consider that walls can be expensive
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    @Mandrake it can be pretty cheap though. And if it makes the work environment better than it will be earned back pretty quick.
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    @Mandrake relative to the higher cost to heat or cool the place they... oh it's a joke =P

    To be honest, it's probably because it's easier to look over someone's shoulder.
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    Rain? Maybe
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    @nik0333 trying to be funny, are we?
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    @byte-me Desperately
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