So, my last post was about dual booting to Linux. I haven't had problems with Windows. However, after an apart partial update to the Creaters version, I can't open anything without an error that says "ceip.exe was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142)." I can't even run command prompt.

I have nothing on my PC that I can't replace (everything is backed up in at least two places) other than the programs I need for work. I can get them on Monday. But I'm on call the rest of today and tomorrow. And i need them because they help me test system health.

Trying to run the update again to see if I can repair it that way, otherwise, any suggestions for a temporary fix? Thinking my switch to Linux is sooner than I thought, but I have to be able to work.

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    Lel last time I knew about the Windows infrastructure was Windows 2000.
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    @runfrodorun win 98 was the best ever
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    Update: looking like it's caused by a program I need for work... 😔
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    which program? if i may ask...
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    Strange I had no issues updating to creators update. Even with all those dev software like Visual Studio, SQL server 2008, 2012 & 2014 installed. Usually those are the reason why I format to upgrade.

    In worst case scenario do a clean install, I always keep data on different partitions so that format is always a straight forward process no risk of losing data
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    @balaianu it wasn't it, im still getting it. But it was my vpn software that was giving the error first
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