PM: Bro send me latest version of the app
Me: But I"m not finished with x feature and it will crash the app in its current situation
PM: No problem bro just want to test

*5 minutes later*
PM: Bro app is crashing when I do x
Actual Me: throw a ticket I'll handle it later.

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    People are idiots this is reality
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    @ihavePCSD To look from his point of view, he wants to see the progress, but to look from a reasonable point of view: When something is not complete don't expect it to work as expected.
    I don't know why it is hard on some people to understand that :/
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    You told him itll crash and he tried it anyway then says idk what to do... Wait until x is done next time that'll work
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    @ihavePCSD sadly bro, not possible with humans :/
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    Is the ticket to handle them?
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    @nblackburn Yup, don't wanna argue with him since I already told him it will crash and yet he reported, so who cares
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    @gitpush lol. True. Same thing happen to me. I know if I fixed that feature, this issue won't be happen. My PM won't agree so I asked him to create seperate card for that issue and I estimate seperately. 😂
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    @theorion I guess we are all into this lol
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    I'm not sure why you told him to open a ticket. You already told him it wouldn't work. Why waste even more time on a ticket?
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    @Pavr You have a point, but if he was concerned about timing he wouldn't have taken the app from me to test and then come back with the obvious
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    that's happen to me soooooo many time!
    Also during code review.
    They want we push code early and then make comments about obviously on-progress piece of code -.- why, why to me?
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