Last month I asked my boss for some task to work on. He told me to stick to reading tutorials and wait just a day or two for the tasks.
Month just passed and no programming tasks arrived.
Should I change job?
Yesterday made quite nice looking CV.

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    That's not too bad.. use the time to really learn stuff, not to just look at reddit (or similar) all day.
    In another job they may not be so ok with you still learning.

    That is if you are just starting with programming, of course. If you know your shit then I don't know what you're waiting for 😀
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    @PRein I have been learning for 6 months now. I realy, realy would like to write some real code :D. Something small. Anything.

    All what I have been doing to this date is some Advent of Code and following tutorials.
    Is it too soon to try working in a team?
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    Did you poke your boss about the fact that you still have no productive task? Or was this the one time they told you, and since then you are on your own for a month?

    If it's bugging you, escalate. If escalating doesn't help, then consider changing the job.

    I for one love to be given some paid time to investigate a new technology, so you can see that as a chance. Often enough you are thrown on a project to learn on the fly, which can make early newb mistakes come and bite you. (On the other hand, learning while also having a product that others depend on can be very fulfilling.)

    In the end, it's a matter of self discipline of using that time productively as you may not have a criteria of success. And if you are not the type of learning that way but want a productive task to lean with, you are responsible of making that happen.
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    Isn't this the most ideal job. I guess you are getting paid without any actual job at hand and you have all the time to your self.
    You can invest it in whatever thing you want to learn or develop.

    I think you can make a lot out of it.
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    @RayMustang on each company machine is installed a tracking software that takes screenshots every few minutes. Soo I am supposed to read and read theory.
    I guess​ I am just hungry for some practice.
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    You could practice by learning what your colleagues do. If they have stuff beyond your current knowledge, upgrade yourself before your boss put you up for a new task. Like I didn't know how complicated Python and Django was until my colleague shown me what the company has. Since then, I've been practicing on replicating the result because I wanna know how it all work together. Best month I had.
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    Why Change?
    Free money!
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    @Mizz141 I want to learn :)
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    @starbear learn from seniors not mdn :)
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    you're paid to learn stuff without the pressure of producing results. you can learn stuff by making your own "learning" project, almost anything you want. you're therefore paid for making almost anything you want, which is basically the best possible scenario.

    why would you quit that? stay at least intil THEY let you go, if they do. it's management's fault they are unable to find you something to do for them. until either resolution option, just let them pay for your time and their mistake, in the form of your salary.

    and if you want to avoid situations like these in the future because they feel weird/bad (which i understand) don't go full-time, but contract/based where you bill actual working hours.

    but while the company wants to pay you for what only benefits you, that's purely their problem, so let them.
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    @starbear you've been learning for 6 months and want to do something real? as i said, start your own personal ("learning") project and work on that. a real one that's viable for you. just call it a learning project if they ever ask. if/when situation finally changes, you'll have your own project, ideally viavle for monetization in some way, and you've been sponsored through the time you were working on it. that's awesome.
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    @starbear but yeah, definitely poke your boss once in a while so they know you were willing and wanting, so they know what i described wasn't your sole intention
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    I know how you feel, I was in a similar situation a while ago.

    What I did was, listened for every opportunity, co-workers that were running into issues, stuff that needs to be done but it's not a priority. The kind of things that others would thank you for doing.

    Once my boss noticed he checked my work and decided I was ready. Mind you, this resulted in a lot of responsibility thrown into my corner, critical stuff.

    So if you think you're ready go for it!
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    I'd say check with your coworkers. Maybe you can offer the chance for some peer programming or just develop better chemistry with them. Some people hire to see if you're actually a good addition to the team.

    You could also check with them anything they need to have done so you can help do that. Don't wait for your boss, you have coworkers after all. I think. I imagine you do >>
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