These shoes are just my type

(source: http://redd.it/4ombox )

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    First glimpse and I thought it was the ergonomic keyboard from Microsoft.
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    Imagine if they worked and connected to your phone.

    1 new massage:
    "dhiskspwjvejxjsjbs sbsjakksksnsbskzkkzjxbsbejsjsjevcgqft2hh 229hhwik"
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    @ondecherro I guess it would be useful for doctors and shoe sellers to identify the best treatment/shoe format for you based on your typed input :p
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    Actually not such a crazy idea with some modifications.
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    ++ for giving a source
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    That pun tho
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    10/10 on title
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    They're pretty "qwer"ky

    I'll see myself out
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