What if some day devrant starts getting bigger and has a lot of employees? What happens if they start ranting too?

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    Call it devRantRant?
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    @arcadesdude Call it devRantRantRant?
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    Absolutely nothing special, same as Facebook and their employees, I guess many of them have accounts and use Facebook normally.
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    @Rozz that would then be for the employees' bosses ranting about the employees who are ranting about devrantrant while ranting on devRant...
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    I guess their rants will be taken as employee feedback to improve the company? 🤷🏻
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    We made a devrantrant so you can devrant about devrant while you devrant.
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    This has been discussed (way) before. The co-founders said that they'll make sure all the rants are addressed and the flaws fixed 😁
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