So I bought this HP laptop about a year ago thinking HP was actually reliable. But oh boy was I wrong. The fucking screen cracked within the first 2 months, because of a small drop from a table, even while it was in my backpack. And the plastic casing is flimsy. It's only been a year, and it's already slowing down because of, what I'm almost positive is age. I've been careful not to do or download anything that might give it a virus. And this thing is supposed to last me another 2 years till college. And, it's fan is the most annoying thing ever. It'll run even if I'm not doing anything super demanding like browsing the internet with only a couple tabs. I'm not one of those people who usually have a ton of tabs open. What's worse is that it's the only machine I have to code with. The school chromebooks are complete shit, and I avoid them at all costs, my cs class has PC's to use but I can only use them during school hours.

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    Specs? Doesn't matter the brand if the specs are pants.

    Yes hp build quality is poor. Also a year old so I assume you have an ssd? If not get one.
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    @neodite 8 GB ram and an i7, 1 TB hdd, no SSD sadly. I'd like to get one, but those can be expensive, and I don't have money, or a job
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    @neodite I bought it a year ago refurbished. I think it came out in 2015.
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    While I hate HP to death and am not defending them, computers don't just slow down because of "age". The physical circuits of the machine are not going to degrade in that short of time (at least I REALLY hope not).

    It's more than likely the software you've accumulated that is slowing it down. You could do a refresh/reinstall or just clean it up manually and it would probably help.
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    I probably should have mentioned that I bought it refurbished. The laptop came out in 2015. So technically it's 2 years old.
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    @Sydochen Still, we're talking wires and transistors for the most part, and they'll last for thousands of years.

    Capacitors and resistors will fail much sooner, but even the cheapest of them I can't imagine failing in less than 10 years.

    And besides, when they fail the whole thing will be kaput. It's not going to slow down, it'll just stop working.
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    These days you gotta go with the pro versions of everything. The hp Pro books are pretty good and Lenovo think lads are decent. Stuff aimed at business pros. With win 10 Pro. Home is janky for some reason after using Pro.
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    My omen has about 4 months and is working great. I think the build quality for the price is great. One thing is sure, the stock hdd is reaaaaally slow. Really annoying. An ssd will change your life, even more so with an i7
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    @CristCD indeed, I have one too. I only had some software problems but that was resolved by updating the drivers.
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