Can somebody give me examples of questions I might get asked in a final technical interview where I'm NOT doing any coding...

The guy said they want to get a sense of how I would approach a technical problem and that they can teach me how to code but I need to show I can problem solve - just not sure how prepare for this...

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    In my experience they ask me

    How badly do you want this job?

    While winking at me and smacking their lips.
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    What happens when you visit a website via a browser
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    Tip: go at it like it's a really interesting challenge and engage by asking bright questions to define the scope of the question better
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    not much experience here but I once accidently prepaired for an interview by being a lurker on devRant
    They just asked me questions about general team interactions and workflows like "you want to achieve xyz how do you do" and I answered based on the bad examples from y'all
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