You've got to love Android development.. :D Just grabbed my laptop to start working on an idea I just had. Launched Android Studio to do some quick coding..

Update for the repo's..
Update for the IDE itself..
Update for gradle..

Started project. Need to update my build tools..

I.. I.. I just wanted to do some quick coding :D

*edit* Just tried to run the project.. "Acceleration driver is out of date, please update Haxm" .. Damnit..

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    And now my Macbook sounds like it wants to take off.. A fighter jet can't compare to it :D
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    I always ignore the updates if I just want to spend an hour or less coding. Otherwise you spend all the time updating and configuring and never write a single line of code.
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    @ryanmhoffman @Torbuntu Yeah, noted for next time! :D But "I'm that type of guy" that updates when prompted. There's a reason for the updates (probably without effect on the shear amount of features I use) but.. Just.. To be sure because 'Why not'.. Could only improve my experience I guess. But next time, I'll update when I'm in a bit more 'update friendly' position :D
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    @Torbuntu True..! :D As long as it doesn't break the project and fucks me the next time I launch and want to continue, because then I won't be in the mood for troubleshooting I guess :D ohwell.. Updates finished and I already lost my interests.. Ended up watching tutorials instead (Which is productive in some sense)
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    Meanwhile start developing for C++.
    1. Make sure standard libraries are up to date, compiler is up to date, build tools are up to date. Yep, still on clang-4.0.0. ok, so nothing to do. It wouldn't matter if it was older anyway.
    2. Back to work :(
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    You should try iOS. It won't ask you for updates. But it'll make you sign certificates, make you build stuff like 3 times and then crash without telling you where the problem is.
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    @Torbuntu You can disable updates from services in Windows 10.
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