I don't understand windows 10 "Quick Access" (when you open windows file manager). I open One very less used folder and it stays in quick access for approx. 10 days and I open my Project folder everyday, every hour, evry minute and every second, it doesn't shows up in quick access, and when sometimes does, it doesn't stays long.

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    I don't either. That's why I set File Explorer to open to "This PC" instead
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    @RiderExMachina That's always a better option with windows, even in 8
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    @kenogo I do big projects with 5-10k files in minimum. All my projects are under Programming folder and the projects directory rarely shows up on quick access.
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    That's one of the many features I always deactivate after reinstalling an pc..
    Beneath Cortana, Telemetry, auto-update-reboot,...,...
    Wanna hear more? The list is endless..
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    @Emphiliis thats why I started to like linux more.
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    And now the ads at the top of File Explorer...

    I was already a Linux fanboy, that was just the nail in the coffin. I just wish more games were ported to Linux so I could dump Windows once and for all...
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    @RiderExMachina same for me.. I have 480 Steam games and only a hand full of them has Linux support.. Sadly.

    I haven't seen any ads yet oô
    I just threw skype out (replaced by discord) because it sucks since Microsoft has taken over.
    I used Skype since Version 1 (long time ago, you could even set a personal. Image as background).. Annoying company.
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    Same here. Out of 485 games, 244 say they support Linux, but a few of them are EON ports or are just badly ported so they don't actually work...

    I'd take a look at Lutris and see how many games are supported there, other than that, quite a few are supported under WINE.
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    @RiderExMachina Alternative rescue: dual boot - but I am not a fan of it..
    So I disable everything I don't want in windows and just stay there 😢
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