So, I'm investigating this flipping problem at work involving mbeans. Other than the fact that it's a fun fucking word to say, idk a damn thing about it, and the people who are having problems with them/it are looking at me like I'm a fucking pregnant triceratops... HOW THE HELL am I supposed to fix your shit if you aren't going to tell me why you need mbeans, what you do to cause the error, and what you do to make it go away. YOU'RE GIVING ME LESS THAN NOTHING... on a temperature scale, we're in negative Kelvin...

Also, anyone know what in the world an mbean in? Because right now, these overpaid idiots are making me think it's not a thing and just another way of saying "coffee"

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    Did your majesty say mbean? ☕️☕️☕️
    Just apply some more pressure (maybe with a flamethrower) and you will get your answers...
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    Isn't it java?
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    @QueenCodeslut that supports my theory it's another type of coffee... 😂 the phrase "yeah, he showed us his mbeans" just left a coworkers mouth...
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    @needToRoll I seriously think it's coffee. No one here can tell me what it is...
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    Magic beans? Are they 'not working' because they're not producing a large enough beanstalk to climb?

    Or maybe it's just a magic coffee bean that makes the most perfect coffee
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    @QueenCodeslut I was just told that yes, they're java...
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    @captnmatt2736 😂😂😂 I'm getting more and more convinced these aren't real things
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    I think it stands for managed beans. Heard of it. Never worked with it.
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    @PonySlaystation exactly. Magic coffee made with mbeans 😉
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