I starting to get pissed when I read "New X tool bla bla bla MADE IN RUST"

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    If the first thing you need to tell me about the software is what language it's written in, there are only two options: either it is a library for that language, or it is an overhyped bullshit.
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    @hitko in most cases this info might also be a source of interest e.g. for thing built with unusual langiages like lisp or erlang

    But with rust is just marketing.
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    why is showing the language, its made with bad?

    Personally i prefer knowing the language stuff is written in, because in a lot of cases you can roughly gauge, if it's actually the right language for that specific tool, or not.
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    Not necessarily.

    As long as it is kept in a non zealous tone, fine.

    If it reads like "no problems, heaven on earth, we're the chosen ones, pray for salvation - rust will be your savior" then I get mad.


    Take e.g. the Google study. They admit that Rust has weak sides, too.

    Which brings me to a more generalized opinion: When someone tries to sell me a marketing gig for an obvious cult, I get pissed. Sadly that's how many tech blogs / tech summits / news aggregators work nowadays....

    It has become a "bad" thing to admit weakness or fault. :(
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    @thebiochemic Does your bread say "made with XYZ industrial dough mixer"? If some brand of bread printed that info all over the packaging, would you buy it?
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    @hitko as a matter of fact i don't. However, you miss the point.

    If a program is rather slow in doing specific things, or is unstable for one reason or another, or is using loads of memory/is leaking it is useful to know, what language it is written in.

    A piece of bread is not very different, if made with a different device
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    @thebiochemic So you need to know the language before you even start using the software in case it turns out to be slow / buggy? Or do you claim that the correlation between the language and the quality of the software is somehow significant and more important than everything else that goes into developing the software?
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    @hitko at the very least it is a useful indicator for the performance of a piece of software. One of many btw.

    The more i know about a piece of software, the better i can guess, wtf is going on (+debug it properly)

    Ideally the source code would be available, but that's only a thing with OSS.

    And also a reminder: we live in a day and age, where for every task you want to do, there are thousands of tools. So choosing the one, that suits you best is nothing unusual.
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    @thebiochemic Multiple research papers have shown that the relationship between the programming language and the quality of the software is minimal, if any (see fse, cacm). While certain languages are somewhat faster when comparing individual algorithms, most of the "hard work" is done by the underlying low-level libraries, and the remaining few percent have barely any impact on the overall performance of the actual software.

    It's obvious you prefer software in Rust, and you're just trying to justify the whole cult around it, thus proving the whole point about Rust being overhyped.
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    @hitko to the fact about third party libraries i agree, but if i have the choice between a program, that uses qt5 or some other lib, i usually choose against qt5, because of it's inherent tendency to leak memory.

    It depends on a lot of factors, but also on what language the program is written in. If the software consist out of a lot of inhouse written code, it does somewhat matter if it's written in Java, Python, C++, or other languages.

    As an example i recently ditched VirtualDJ in favor of Mixxx, just because they just built the whole Software in pure C++ instead of whatever the fuck VDJ uses (it's frontend is essentially just a webbrowser). I dont care if it might leak memory in this case, but i want it to be as responsible as possible. And no, I don't prefer rust software, i prefer software that works best in my case; however since in some cases i develop these solutions myself, i tend to use rust.
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