I do not understand the people that say that they hate C-like languages, because of the ; and {} they have, that are "confusing".
Like almost every modern IDE/editor pinpoints EXACTLY where you forgot something...

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    "I use turbo c and notepad occasionally."
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    If someone is confused by the fundamentals to a programming language, they need to go back and fucking learn the syntax. It really is not hard.
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    The moment I hear someone say that they have been coding for six months or so, and they tell me that they are using Notepad - I just lose my shit right there and then
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    I'll just leave this here...
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    Languages with {} and ; are for me. Most readable. Python is eeeew
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    @Salmakis Python is great for when you're not mature enough to choose where you put your whitespace
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    @Salmakis me too, you can put parameters for functions on separate lines, or make 1 line functions or if statements, it makes everything easier
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