Booked an Uber...
ETA: 10 minutes...
*Checks 4 minutes later*
ETA: 12 minutes...
*Calls the driver to confirm pick up*
*waits for another 4 minutes*
ETA: 8 minutes
*Types in this rant with passive aggression*
ETA: 10 minutes...

So, I've waited 10 minutes after an initial ETA of 10 minutes and now I gotta wait 10 minutes extra.


I'm not sure who the fuck is at fault here?
The devs? The ones who design the flow? The ones handling the execution at low levels?
Or us, the customers who keep on coming back to their services succumbed to the fact that we don't have many options!

Update: I've had to wait for half an hour till my cab could reach me.
HALF AN HOUR = Practically the time it would have taken me to walk to the cab!

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    Uber is literally banned in my country. Say thank you that you have it.

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    Could the cab driver be blamed for the mistaken route ? Maybe
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    This happened to me as well, my taxi got confused by the streets and ended up circling the campus for 20min. Turns out it was a really friendly 80 year old pensioner in a tesla. Lol
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    @gokulk16 The fact that this happens quite often shows that something else isn't right.
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    Stop whining and have some patience.
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    Estimated time of arrival
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    @deusprogrammer We'll see about that when you have to reach somewhere early but the service makes you wait for thrice the time they promised under the bright and hot sunlight with 3 bags of luggage along with you on a street bench!
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    @nik0333 you should always plan for the worst case. You should have left early instead of blaming it on the Uber driver.
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    @jpirovano You mean to say, I should consider Estimated = Give or take 20 minutes?
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    @deusprogrammer Oh you should read carefully. I didn't blame the driver, rather that was precisely my question, "who is to blame?" See that line up there in the rant?
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    I've taken hundreds of rides, lyft and uber. less than 1% are late

    Where I live the roads are exceptional though
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    @unfuckers-inc I used Lyft in California once. The rides were exceptional! In my country, or maybe in this city something's not right cause I only had that kind of an exceptional ride only once amongst others.
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    @nik0333 I work making a similar application, when human behavior is involved Its hard to predict
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