I hate it when people don't understand that programmers are prone to depression just like anyone else in other professions.

And my blood literally boils when someone says "Stop overthinking". Like bro, overthinking is literally how I make a living.

If I stop thinking about how my code can fail, I no longer can make a living out of this. I'll be no better than a handicapped PTSD possessed war veteran.

Also, IMO, you're born with an overthinking mind. It's not learned or acquired from an influence. I wish I could stop overthinking, but I have to accept it's beyond my control and try to tame it best I can.

It just sucks. But it is what it is. I know my head is spitting words out at full capacity right now, which just leads to depressed thoughts, and it will calm itself right down after some time.

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    Saying you shouldn't overthink things is wrong.

    A better advice would be to find an adequate replacement / hobby...

    Be it cooking. Fishing. Hiking. Knitting. Sowing. Woodwork. Lots of possibilities.

    Just give the brain another - non work related - stimuli.
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    I think some people think more than others to make up for the ones that don't think at all. But I might be overthinking this.
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    @IntrusionCM It's not work related overthinking I always do.

    It takes weird turns like how my friends betrayed me in 2014 and I should've said this or that as comebacks. Or like the girl I never asked out that liked me in an office job.

    I know there is no use doing that but you have to realize these words are coming out of the same mind that is making me remember past experiences on repeat.
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    @Demolishun That's deep. Have my updoot.
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    @Demolishun I feel like you may just have thought for me there. Well done. I can take an evening off then. Thanks!
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    Hahah "stop overthinking" - it's the fucking profession 😆🥲
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    @MammaNeedHummus I thought he "fucking profession" was prostitution... Are we just grey matter prostitutes?
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    @Sid2006 sounds like rumination.

    Aka the "what if game"...
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    @Demolishun we all sell our time and mind / body for money. Prostitutes just do it with something that a lot of people get too uptight about.
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    Atomoxetine helps with this
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    Overthinking is called ruminating in depression. If your ruminations are negative, you can start meditating to stop them. I do transcendental, so just repeat meaningless sounds over and over again, silently. It works, check out the literature on it. 20 min in the morning and 20 in the evening. Forever.

    Otherwise, depression is a disease my dude. Like, physical. Sometimes associated with a malfunctioning immune system. Other times some other defect that affects your hormone / neurotransmitter activities. Chronic stress effs up your immune system leading to depression and other crap. Take it seriously and treat it as a disease.
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    @Demolishun I think gray matter prostitutes would be an apt description. Programmers offer their minds to be fucked in exchange for payment after all.
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    Heard, heard
    "Stop overthinking"
    Yeah, like I choose to purposely depressing myself for being a human with working brain
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