Bus has no drivers!

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    I am very interested now, was the pun intended?
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    Maybe thet should run it on virtualbox firstly
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    I think that's the back of the bus actually. I think there are side view mirrors on the other side there
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    Omfg lol! 😂
    Great pun!!
    Im amazed it happened in Israel
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    Why the fuck doing that with windows?
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    Looks like my company, everything is windows and net based, terminals everywhere (its a molding company but they make their own software and then sell it)
    Everytime windows updates the it guy must go through all terminals starting the app (net based running on Chrome as a web app)
    A while ago the IT guy challenged me to crash one terminal...
    On login, in password used '*'
    Server froze
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    Who is driving this bus, if it has no driver ??
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    Oh, it's israel.. I used to see dead windows screens everywhere there.
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