In uni
Lecturer: SOAP is insecure...

In interview: Any disadvantages you see with SOAP?

Me: The last i read SOAP is insecure. Im abit rusty with this knowledge

Interviewer: ahhh okay, SOAP is actually secure...


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    @rozina Have you tried holding it when it's wet? That stuff ain't never secure!!

    But seriously... I'm confused. I thought SOAP requests were no different from HTTP, they were just structured to allow object passing. Surely the protocol itself is neither secure nor not - it depends on the target server set up. Am I wrong?
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    @CrankyOldDev you're not wrong. If the communicating code is secure then SOAP is secure. If it ain't then, well, it ain't. But ya got the same issues as with any endpoint of anything. Maaaaaaaybe an argument could be made cause for SOAP there's usually a bazillion libraries involved but even then, not the protocols fault.
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