A friend suggested that I'd start learning a scriptable language like Ruby, Python or JavaScript instead of beginning with HTML and CSS, until I feel comfortable with programming.
I want to be a web developer and Ive learned some HTML.
So, any opinions?

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    First, would you like to solely do frontend or also backend? Then, if only frontend, get yourself famililar with HTML/CSS (maybe also Less/SASS) and javascript :). Feel free to ask any questions :)(backender myself by the way)
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    What are front-end and back-end?
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    @joey At first, you can mention people (only in the comments) by using the @. (@linuxxx mentions me).

    Then, frontend == everything you see in the browser. Backend == everyhing that happens on the server!
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    Learn Javascript. It runs directly from files in a browser just like HTML does. The structure will get you prepared to take on other languages, because it has similar structure to many (Java, the C family, etc). Also, you can do both frontend and backend stuff thanks to all the frameworks out there. So you'll learn an awful lot without having to leave what you know.
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    If you want to be a web dev learn Javascript. It’s not the best language in the world, but it’s 100% necessary for any front end web dev. Then go from there
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    @joey I do front end for a web application. My work is:
    40% SASS/CSS.
    40% HTML
    20% JavaScript

    The backend team does a lot more work with JavaScript. That's not always the case though. The more you can learn about these 3 the better your chances will be in front end.

    The rest of my day I spend working with the designers and UX specialist on how it will look and respond on desktop and mobile.
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    If you're looking to do webdev definitely devote some time to Javascript. It's worth it. It's a little whacky and you'll hear good and bad about it but there's no denying it's a huge part of the industry. I started with HTML and CSS and I can't stand either of them. Started learning Js and I love it. Plus with all the frameworks and libraries available for it now, you don't even need the HTML and CSS unless the project you're on requires it. Which was one of the bigger appeals to me.
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    JavaScript is the way to go 100%.

    Also, when learning CSS, you'll see there is something called LESS and SASS. Id recommend you to ignore less as everyone knows SASS nowadays and before taking it, learn how CSS works.

    Also, regarding CSS, flexbox is your friend.
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    Thank you all guys for the help. I really appreciate it!
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