When I was in highschool we had to make a project in team. A friend of mine said to a girl in his team to override a bootstrap CSS class. She started doing it at home and after an entire week my friend found out that she opened the bootstrap.css MINIFIED and she was indenting MANUALLY to find the CSS class in order to modify it. ( Obviously he taught her about CSS cascading ).
We still laughing.

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    This hurts my soul deeply. 😂
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    Ah, to be young and naive but full of determination and energy. I won't do anything without googling for a shortcut now.
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    But c'mon, she didn't even know how search works in a text editor?!
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    Wow this is another level of amateur.
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    @jsframework9000 my first forray into gamedev (save for sims mids fuckin-w-the-hue) was at 15, reapplying uvw maps to the scarab model ripped from the halo 2 Xbox disc. That's how I learned 3dsmax. it took weeks. #gearboxforums
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