"Man, Python is easy, I just import everything. Like, import * from *."

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    Basic Python is VERY easy.
    Intermediate Python is so and so, a little hard when you come to OOP.
    Expert Python is REAL REAL HARD OMFG

    But it's a joy to use even with metaclasses and f***ing PyPI deploy
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    @eisterman I want to get into advanced Python but I can't find any classes anywhere :(
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    @AlgoRythm im in the same boat ! I am a backend web dev but I got hooked on python. But either tutorials are to easy ( I learn syntax from docs ) or really freaking hard.

    Does anyone has a good place to learn python interactively ( that is not a web based app , I like my vim/sublime text)
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    @AlgoRythm search the book "Fluent Python".
    Trust me, it's the course you've always dreamed of.

    PS: on Google Books there is the Preview, all the first 3-4 chapters :3
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    @imNotAlfred isn't python back end?
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    Every Python Tutorial:

    1) Print a string
    2) Add two numbers
    3) Instantiate an object with dual inheritance and overwrite all the methods with lambda functions which return dictionaries

    It's that easy!
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    "Invalid syntax" :(
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    @anonScriptah it is, I don't want to replace my web stack with it, I just to expand my skillset ( but you can write web apps with python if you really want to using Django or something similar)
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