Manager: Give me an estimate for this project.
Me: It will take end to end approx two months.
Manager: Can you do it in a day. Make some magic happen. This is high critical for business.
Me: Sure. I have a small requirement from you to achieve it.
Manager: What
Me: Please get me the 'Limitless' capsule.

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    A month ? Cool you have one hour 🙄
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    Nope, no can do.

    If anybody else can do it, please.. Let me meet them, hopefully I can learn it from from them.
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    @trubesv working from homeless is not permitted due company policy ;D

    At least its how its here.
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    > Can you do it in a day?

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    "Business critical" - "in a day"
    Hmmmm.. sounds legit.
    Let me go grab my duct tape and zip ties.
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    "I can do it in one day on Keppler 10c provided a reliable internet connection"
    (One day lasts about 408 hours on Keppler 10c)


    "I can do it in one day as a laughable estimate"
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    Ask for a DeLorean, a Tardis or any other time machine. For me is always works (sarcasm)
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    I had the same fucking thing, i have told ths month and they wanted it for a week
    Eventually the project didn't even start
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    Another dev is working on it. Couple of weeks and still going.
    I have a smirk at my manager whenever I pass him by.
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