I just fucked up!

So I was invited to an afterwork beer because some guy out of our project team left...
I was there early and run into the lead of HR for my current department... (I am still in apprenticeship, last year, so she is not <yet> responsible but if I want to stay she is the one who decides)
I said Hi, and she asks me to sit down.
After a while she asks me (out of the blue) If I want to stay!
I was surprised!!! I am considering multiple options atm .... I was not able to formulate a proper sentence all I could say was a simple "yes"...
... and with all the things going on in my head at this moment it might not have been the most convincing one....
I am screwed! Fuck I worked hard the past three years

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    Don't overthink it.
    An afterwork beer with a person that is not yet in charge is rarely the place where someone expects you to make well phrased decisions.
    Just bring the subject up again when you're back at work and had time to think about the details.
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    @nin0x03 Well it was before it but thanks for the advice
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    Tell her you thought she was asking about staying at the table or if you wanted to move closer to the bar.
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    @Jonnyforgotten nice one but she is too smart
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    At the end of the day its only an informal 'yes', you've not signed a contract so they can't hold you to anything, and its nice to know they want to keep you!
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    @Jonnyforgotten I am more worried about them not wanting me anymore after this "insecure" answer...
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    I think you're being paranoid. You'll be fine. If they're asking you about staying, they're not trying to trap you into a certain answer...
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    @CrankyOldDev I have heard the first sentence of your comment like a thousand time... It's just that I want to make a good impression
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    An insecure yes has to be better than a no?
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