"Work is intended to earn you money, you don't have to like it to make a living from it" - my first boss

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    We are write simple code for banks.. it's not rocket science
    -- my first boss
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    Never got a boss. I love my job as freelancer.
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    But it's the true. Liking your job or all the specific tasks of your position is not mandatory. Getting money for your work is. Sometimes you just need to endure your job and take your fun from a personal project. It depends on your personal situation.
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    @Eariel If you spend 8 hours, 5 days a week somewhere you should like what you do there. That's time of your life you're never going to get back, and a huge chuck of it too.
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    This is poors mindset. I work for money right now but aim for independance. Everyone should.
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    @K4R70FF3L Yup. I work my ass off at a distribution center all day every day. My job sucks. But I can provide for myself.
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    @tracktraps wish I had half the knowledge or time to freelance. Seems like a pain but fits my work ethic perfectly
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