Just had the first pull request on my repo! ❤️

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    I still have no pull request :'(
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    share with us?
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    @PrivateGER You'll get one eventually, it's taken about a year to get any real interest in my project so it just takes time!
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    Just wait till u find ur first enthusiastic contributor. Your almost die of being overwhelmed
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    @Faraaz I can imagine!

    I have an enthusiastic issue creater at the moment...
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    If you really believe in the awesomeness of something you made, a little bit of SEO can go a long way as well.

    Even if it's just a twitter account where you frequently announce version updates and progress, and a Medium blog where you describe some implementations. Maybe announce it on some forums / subreddits / etc where appropriate.
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    Oh and *heavily* use the issues tracker for future enhancements, missing tests & planned refactors.

    Then whenever someone on DevRant says "I want to learn more about language x" or "I need experience to find a job but can't find an internship either" -- you can ask those people to take a stab at one of the existing issues on your repo. You can coach them a bit through PR reviews, and they can become a valuable contributor to your library/project helping it grow.
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