They made ChatGPT dumber.

YouTube made 1080p video look like 480p if that same video was made for YouTube premium viewers (It says 1080p with better bitrate on the settings)

Mercedes locked higher level of acceleration on their cars behind an annual $1,200 paywall and I'm sure most of you already know about the paywall-ed heated seats in BMW cars.

Greed really knows no bounds.

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    WTF mercedes? Is nothing sacred?
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    The high rpm limit probably marked as some environmental stuff. The BMW cheated seats, wtf. So it's already in your car, you paid for it and have to pay again.

    Chatgpt dumber is not on purpose right? Just overtrained or so?
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    @retoor I imagine it's on purpose. Them keeping it free and versatile won't make OpenAI any more money than they already make.

    Maybe nuking the free version would motivate people to upgrade to paid plans.

    But I'm just speculating, idk.
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    @Sid2006 I do use it only for stupid questions or coding concepts. Its main function is worthless, generating text, its to clear that it's generated. I like to convert texts as if it's written by gen-Z but even then you can see who wrote it. It even raises the quality of my English
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    This shit should be illegal!
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    Hello current / future Louis Rossmann viewer
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    @ElectroArchiver watching it now. He gives me an empty NY city tour. What's going on there?
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    @retoor Well when was still in NYC, he went around a lot and one of the things he showed was how - in reality - a lot of places have been empty and are still empty because of the stupidly high rents.
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    @ElectroArchiver why did the rent got that high if no one can afford it. Chatgpt doesn't have a logical answer. Taxes and investors made bit sense but this way no one makes money. Or they make enough on those few paying the 6k rent
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    @retoor Not easy to answer, in general NYC is a corrupt shithole. One big part of it is that if the landlord were to lower rents their overpriced buildings would loose value, they basically treat them like a sparse resource instead of something to rent out. I'd recommend watching more related videos of his to get a bigger picture of the whole situation
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    @ElectroArchiver the comments are interesting. Many people that left
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    @Sid2006 i can't understand why isn't chat gpt making them any money. Have they tried asking it? I'm sure the replies will be very useful
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    @retoor millennials not cool anymore?
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    @retoor because of notional value and perceived loss. No going back from there
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    @retoor chatGPT getting dumber is due to them adding more "AI safety". Essentially because they censor it to hell and back with RLHF it gets "stupider". Which is not at all surprising, it already sucked on release as far as Im concerned. Long story short, the more you train it to not answer certain patterns, the more parameters you have to skew towards the censored patterns, so you lose network resolution.

    So now it doesn't tell you how to make a bomb, but it also can't code as well anymore, or do maths, or even some writing tasks were affected supposedly.
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    @Hazarth I had a LLM (Chai) that gave the recept for amphetamine and methamphetamine. Now they blocked it. Probably you have to host yourself for such stuff. There are probably more secrets hidden. OpenAI subject itself is very scripted cowardly. Also, the political bias is extreme. Ive asked him why you should leave serbia and you'll see his preference
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    The prime example of enshittification.
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    @retoor sounds like a bold move to make & take drugs based on the howtos a LLM gave
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