The music I hear while coding can describe my current mood:

Dubstep and other electronic music -> chilled and focused
Movie soundtracks -> everything I do today is working fine
Anime Openings/JPop -> in desperate need for motivation
Metal -> why is that son of a code not working?!

What kind of music do you listen to while coding?

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    I have a Spotify playlist I follow titled "Coding / Hacking / Feeling like an 80s Superhero" and it usually gets me amped up and in the zone.

    I used to only listen to instrumental tracks but since I've started using active noise cancelling headphones I've been able to lower the volume and listen to just about anything.
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    @unity is that playlist of yours public? mind sharing a link?
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    made a playlist consisting of only brutal dubstep, usually works
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    Try power metal or epic metal.. makes you feel like a viking swinging his axe thru the office if the freaking unit test fail xD
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    @unity thank you
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    I would in particular suggest Sabaton, you will suddently hunt a bug in the forest, with some panzer around and bomv dropping from the sky
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    I like to listen to Dubstep/NCS.
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    @ElBibao LMAO 😂

    But I totally agree with you... Haha, and when some Technical/Brutal Death Metal is played while chasing some bugs/"hidden features"... Oh boy! Things get interesting 😂😂
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    A mix that lasts >=3 hours. <=60% volume because I think I almost damaged my ears when I've done otherwise
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    The Social Network soundtrack - Makes me feel like a genius with an idea.
    Also a bit of C2C music. I like techy sounding stuff when I'm working wizardry with a computer.

    Also I wanted a better name for my coding playlist so I came up with this: &("@Coding").attr();
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    @OverCoder pump it up, those eardrums are made to be burst!
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    @Marethyun same here. I call this hardcoding. Either way it's fine for me to listen to metal because of enthusiasm and energy that it gives to me. It's really exciting. I'd even say that it makes me more productive.
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    @DucksCanCode um, no not really

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    @OverCoder mine went to the sweet sweet sound of Slipknot about a year ago.
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    I listen to anything and everything on Spotify, but sometimes I'll have to pause if the song has lyrics while I try to think of bug solutions!
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