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    Oh man, so many times people would just give me the answer to the questions I didn't even ask when I was in customer support.

    Me, "Which browser are you using when you experience the bug?"

    Them, "It's on the home page after you login and click the button."

    Me, "Uhu, I can see that from the screenshot you sent me. I need to know which browser your using though."

    Them, "I've created another account and it's still happenings. Here is the URL and login details, can you see the issue?"

    Me, "No because I still don't know which browser your using and it works fine on Chrome."

    Them, "I'm not using Chrome..."

    This was a real conversation in my old role, I'm so glad I moved departments.
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    @hexwell :)
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    This is fine
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    There's 18 total pixels in all those images combined 😂
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