Guys and gals, please suggest some software project ideas for my final year CS degree.

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    I would recommend not to just take something from the internet but look around you for some problem or thing you think you can improve, solve or simply do better. This will give you more joy and attach you more to the projekt and you have a clearer picture of what you are trying to accieve!
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    another question how easy / complex should the project be do you need to e.g. write a image recognition system to aid blind and visually impaired people in their daily lives or is a "simple" website e.g. a site to collect project ideas sufficient ????
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    Automate deployment of Cloud Computing & Virtualization with Containerized Docker Integration on Linux System using Python(-CGI)and Provisioned by DevOps(Ansible).
    In English–your own openstack? Will help you gain insight of various technologies.

    This should be a secondary option, unless you think of something creative and unique. Working on a kind-of clone is not often appreciated, but it is far far better than making a STUPID University student portal the teachers allot the students all the time every year.
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    @mee4895 I've been looking around me to identify problems, but I just can't think. I've been trying really hard, but what comes in mind is some stupid idea which people will laugh at. :(
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    I am open to complex projects.
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    @kabhishek This open stack idea is looking interesting, let me do some research.
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    An IDE for iOS development that doesnt suck
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    @spoonsearch maybe I look at all this from the wrong angle because I do work at my university while studying so I got more complex situations around me.

    But back to something helpfull if you wanna do something with servers or possibly IoT look a message broker or a MOM (message oriented middleware) big interesting topic and can be used next to everywhere in big cloud systems
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    It's what I did for my capstone project.
    Machine vision + robots. I miss that project
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