Angular Y U du dis to me

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    Maybe it's not Angular, maybe it's the build tools you're using.
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    I had an error yesterday saying that there was an unexpected token when parsing some json in Angular. There was no symbol provided in the error message. Fast forward to one and a half hour later after a lot of debugging. There was a space in the end of a key in the json file 😭
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    Sorry, but your code is in another module
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    This is actually my colleague in the meme; from Andela. 😅
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    Always gold. Lines that are empty or just have an bracket in them are also my favorite sources of nullpointers
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    It is always the best time on a day to guess the line which causes really the exception :D
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    I got an error last week that vue failed to initialise, on line 174 of a 21 line file. After a good 2 hours, I realised it; I was writing pure PHP in Laravel and used absolutely no js in this project.

    I deleted the commented out lines initialising vue, and it worked. THEY WERE COMMENTED OUT
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    It's a common mistake to see the filename for the compilation error and not realise it's .spec.ts not just .ts
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    Jajajaja this happend to me yesterday!
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    Was working on angular 2 with Atom, added element in html, throws parse error, debuged for like days, switched to another editor then readded the element I was talking about in the html file then it worked, Atom sucks for angular that is!!!!!!!!
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    Could be a source map issue
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    I remember having an error at line 15 in python

    The line was empty
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    I guess it's line 144 in the bundled or at least the transpiled file...
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