Ok, so my pc is on it's way out (Cries in the corner) so i thought i would just bite the bullet and buy my new system, comes to around $1800 AUD without the GPU which i already have... So i decided I would use zipmoney as i prefer to pay by month (yes i know it costs a little bit each month) but... My application got declined for a $2000 account... So you are telling me i was able to apply for a bank loan last year for $4000 and get approved, get approved to rent a house... I have a perfect credit rating but apparently i dont qualify for a simple loan because i dont earn enough... I'm earning almost double what i was when I applied for a fucking bank loan!

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    I'm guessing it's because the bank gets a better overview of your spending and the money that's paid into your account
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    @BigMacca101 your rental is secured. If you stop paying your rent, the property is recovered and your goods potentially seized to cover the cost. Your bank loan is also secured, as your bank has access to your money. ZipMoney is unsecured, and the risk level is far greater. Assuming the bank loan and rent is all you have, plus utilities and services, you have nothing that would encourage a lender to make an unsecured loan to you.

    I would use a credit card instead. That way, you might also be able to take advantage of 0% apr.

    However, do you really need to take out credit? If you can afford it without, even in two or three months, do it.
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    @monr0e I suppose youre right in that respect.

    And no I don't NEED to take credit but it's more a fact that I budget everything on a fortnightly budget, so it just makes everything easy budgeting for a monthly repayment rather than a lump sum of 2000 at once, just a personal preference thing to make it easier for me
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    @BigMacca101 what's stopping you from doing a fortnightly save? Unless your PC is at risk of imminent death (in which case, why'dya let it get that bad?), surely you can coax a few more weeks out of it?
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    @monr0e yeah I can get a few weeks out of it, I'm in a middle point where I like to plan stuff but I like just getting it over with, I'm weird like that
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