I was going to be very productive today.

My current 100kbs speed is making that any command entered into an ssh session has a delay of about 10-20 seconds.

My patience is being tested at some very high level right now.

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    Ah poor you :/
    Did you make a traceroute and see whose fault it is? Or is it only the bandwidth and no delay?
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    When I had simillar internet, it was faster for me to download GTA V using my friends internet connection in another city. I sent him my 128GB USB3 stick, he downloaded it on it and sent it back. Sometimes using postal services is actually faster. Thansk god for 100/100Mb which I have now.
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    Btw you can use "IP over Avian Carriers" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...), since its made by IETF and it supports IPv6 from 2011 I am sure you can utilise this 😂 😂
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    128kbit should be enough for windows remote desktop.

    What are you running over that ssh?

    For a terminal 1200 bits should still be usable ;)
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    @plusgut It's just my internet :/
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    @Voxera I'm currently running about 3 ssh sessions. Next to that I need to download a fedora iso 😥
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    Hmm, 100 kb/s should be more than enough.
    When I am on the way and my mobile internet traffic is fully used I only get 7 kb/s (yes, kilobyte, around 56 kbit/s). And even that is totally enough for a shell.
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    Why do you go for fedora with such a connection?
    The moment your update finishes your system will already be outdated again :S
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    @linuxxx The download will be a challenge :/

    But any terminal should be very lightweight.
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    @StopMotionCuber Because I'm going to install it onto a friends windows laptop (he's tired of windows) and he wants to go for fedora :)

    @Voxera Yeah it downloaded at about 25kbs :/
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    Switched to mobile hotspot - which took a while since I tested every AFWall rule seperately to see if google services needed to be whitelisted in order for the hotspot to work - and currently rocking 4mbs YAY
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    Isn't today Sunday?
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    Use MOSH, it hides the inputlag and makes ssh pleasant on slow/buggy connections

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    Ah, net neutrality
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    Add to a bad connection a keyboard that loves to send duplicate keystrokes and we can talk about patience 😊
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    @nbamaral I've had that as well!
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    @linuxxx oh ur personal website also needs SSH... I thought u were remoting into work
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    @linuxxx thats not very funny :/

    A good book or two maybe ;)
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    @nbamaral If it's a mechanical keyboard, it's probably a broken switch. If it's new, you should ask for a replacement. My Corsair K65 Rapidfire did the same thing when I pressed the space bar, and got a replacement right away
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    My connection is breaking from every 2 minutes to half an hour. It's so fucking anoying I could rip all the cables out of the wall, take them to the next person in charge at the ISP and chocke him to death with the cables yalling at him: "HOW DOES LOW BANDWIDTH FEEL YOU MORON?!"
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    I probably will, it's less than a year old
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