If you're going to ask for my help

... and then do the opposite of everything i say

... and then complain when things don't work

... and continue to ignore everything i say


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    This drives me crazy too
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    Can now I rant about how you managed to put tags equal in length to your content and how almost all of them are multiword and therefore not even useful as a tags?
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    What I hate even more are people who are computer illiterate, and they come to you for help, and you tell them but they don't believe you so they Google it right in front of you.
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    This. Goddammit it is so fucking frustrating. Thanks for ranting about it; I get to vent vicariously through you 😆
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    So annoying when people do that
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    The term for people who do this is askhole.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my manager!
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    Yeah uh... So on top of this my last lot used to basically try and work basic shit out on the spot "could we do this? That?"... Here's me, an experienced app dev having to hold your hand and tell you about offline storage, what's possible.
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