How do you tell someone more experienced than yourself, to stop writing shitty code?

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    "That code is like so 1997".
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    I would say it, with the exact codeexamples what they did badly and why it is bad.
    Just telling them that they are shitty will not change a thing.
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    @AlexDeLarge I still need my job 😋
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    @plusgut That's a very good approach.

    Our IT dept actually took a course in how to give and take feedback, and what we learnt was to build up any piece of feedback, using the following components:
    1. "I have noticed that you often <specific behaviour>".
    2. "This makes me feel <the way it makes you feel>".
    3. "I would like if you could <proposed change of behaviour>"

    Yes, it might sound fuzzy, especially 2. But it actually works. Remember, as long as your purpose with the feedback is to achieve an improvement, there is no such thing as negative feedback.
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    @TerriToniAX I agree 100%, if you want to change something don't attack the one where you think change is needed. If you do attack them, they just go in defense mode and don't change anything at all.

    If you tell them how you yourself are feeling about the "thing", then you have the chance that change is happening. Of course no guarantee, but the odds are increased.

    And if you tell them how you feel about it, the risk that they feel offended, threatened, or something like that is nearly impossible.
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    - Buy extra long suction cup dildo
    - Write "You write shit code" on the side in permanent marker
    - Walk up to his desk, slam dildo onto his desk
    - Look him dead in the eye. "Stop"
    - Walk away
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    @AlgoRythm Yep that's one way to do it 😂😂
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