Dear Laptop manufacturers,
Why the FUCK would you place the power button where the 'Delete' should be? Just so that you accidentally can turn off your pc while typing? Fuck you.

If anyone know a good laptop that is thin and light, 14" and has the power button outside of the keyboard area, please tell me.

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    @busuu That's how it should be. But that's not a 14" laptop?
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    And Lenovo have a disastrous Fn key where you'd expect the Ctrl key.
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    @TerriToniAX I wouldn't day disastrous, it's never affected me personally, but it is very annoying to be typing how a human being should type and you realise you have to move your finger just a little to the right to copy, paste, save, etc.
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    @SpencerBeige Oh, to me it was disastrous, as just about any unexpected things could happen. It's been many years since I had to cope with a Lenovo laptop (and with that awful Windows Vista at that) at a former job. But recently some colleagues at my current job got new laptops, Lenovo. I was surprised to see that the Fn button is still misplaced! My colleagues say it annoys them too and you have to plug in an external keyboard to be able to write code. How on earth are they thinking at Lenovo???
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    @TerriToniAX my E440 can swaps FN and Ctrl keys in BIOS settings.
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    @cpp0xc0ffeeee @TerriToniAX same with carbon X1 and I imagine most new lenovos.
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    @CodeKill Really? Thanks for the tip, I'll tell my colleagues to try that.
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    @TerriToniAX Yep, you need the Lenovo apps to switch the Fn and Ctrl keys
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    You can change what happens when you hit the power button.
    For example you can tell it to ignore it.

    Works in Linux and windows an probably in OSX Mac fek.

    And Razer as shit as they are, have it placed decently!
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    Plus Lenovo power sockets are completely replaceable, they connect via a lead rather than being soldered on to the main board
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