Coming from C# background, I don't think I will ever be able to consider Java code beautiful 🙄🙄

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    hipster you should love all code ;-)
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    @maykdev I have failed you Java 😁😁
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    @Synster oh well think of any high layer language of programming and then go to assembler 86
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    @maykdev Not in this life 😋
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    @Synster oh well everyone prefers another language but I understand the c# choice over Java
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    I prefer Java. I learned both at about the same time but started Java first, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it. I love how you can almost read it as English because it it so verbose - and lambdas take away some of the shitty aspects of the verbosity. C# is a fantastic language as well. You can get extremely complex with it, but I hate the principles surrounding the language, such as no object oriented encapsulation, and class variables starting with an uppercase letter. It does have surprisingly good console control though, I made a text adventure game with it that was about 1200 lines of mostly dialog for my English class.
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    Fuck C#, fuck Microsoft, fuck .NET.

    Just because Java can be shut sometimes doesn't mean C# is good.
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    Yesterday I wrote some Linq....
    I was almost jeezin ❤️
    Every time the same story
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    Try Kotlin.
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    @clovisIrex You can run a open sourced .NET on Linux now.
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    and so many other '-ful'.
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    I've been using Rust quite a bit the last few weeks. Damn this language is divine. Terse but readable, amazing type system, great performance even when writing FP style code.

    So fuck of with your garbage collectors, kids.
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    They're not really all that different syntax wise. Although some of the short hand that c# has is really nice. A really nice Java esque language that runs on the jvm though is whatever they use on smartthings. It's name escapes me but it's pretty awesome.

    Edit: Groovy is the language. It's pretty cool.
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    I have nothing against C# performancewise. But first, I have M$ and second: Why the fuck the braces on a new line?? To have more lines of code?? That (and PascalCase) is the most concern I have about this lang.

    Also C#s name has thing to to do with C at all and without .NET the lang is not that useful on other OSes.
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    @LinusCDE I beleive you can actually write plain old c++ or c in a c# program and it'll run fine. Although, why anyone would want to subject themselves to that is beyond me.

    But yeah, the Pascal case is annoying and the braces on a new line is stupid. I guess you'd call it syntactical onions, because sugar it ain't.
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