I want a os, that has:
The software support of windows, the speed of macOS and the stability and security of Linux...why dont we have this?

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    Because of competition.
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    I prefer the software support on linux, the speed of linux, and the security of linux.
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    @sour Adobe Software on linux, yeah good joke and no id does not work with wine and(play on linux)
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    @Liz3 my love for ncurses trumps my love for /adobe .*/
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    Security of linux? Does that include also all the latest major exploits and vulnerabilities that are found? Or the hundreds of pages of CVE.
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    @fun2code I'm not defending anything. Just equalising a little bit the fight for the almighty operating system title.
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    @fun2code can you even run newer applications in ReactOS. Shit looks like Windows 2000
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    @Liz3 that depends on the program. I've got Photoshop CC working. It might be a bit slower than in Windows but not by much. Used play on Linux preset for Photoshop CS(I think it was 5) and it worked just fine.
    After effects is a pain in the ass though
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