Whaaaat theeeee actual fuuuuuuuuck. So basically I've got a server running and everything is fine. All services are working and I can access the webserver running on it over every browser. But randomly my ssh access stopped working (can connect but doesn't return shit after last login message) and when loading the web config thingie from my provider it gives me an empty response (all other pages from the provider are working). So basically I've got a working server I cannot access. But I'd like to access it and cannot even restart that shitty thing.

Anybody else had a problem like that or has any idea wtf is going on?

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    Nevermind the whole server is down now for some reason...
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    OK apparently some fucker was playing on production server I guess? :/
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    @Linux its running again now. This was soooo scary. Luckily I didn't loose my data (definitely no porn๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜†)
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