I feel like I should pick up a hobby that doesn't involve a computer, something outdoorsy. Anyone else feel the same way?

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    I have been playing soccer for the past 10 years, thats where 80% of my time goes. Web development is my backup if i cant make a career out od soccer
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    I started going to gym. I feel a lot better. I also stopped eating lot of sweets.
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    I swim and play soccer (when I'm not injured)
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    Is clubbing considered a healthy outdoor activity?
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    Personally... Tried many sports, even dancing... Didn't like anything...
    The only two outdoor things that I like r
    And it's been a long time since I did any of those two
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    @Torbuntu depending on if there are hiking trails where you live, hiking to find a nice reading spout is a great way to read (one of my favorite hobbies), exercise, and connect with nature again.

    Living in the hills in the middle of nowhere, I have trails everywhere. It's awesome
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    I've always enjoyed hiking.

    Though not outdoorsy, if you want something that's good exercise and played indoors/even at work, Table Tennis is a great sport. I highly recommend if you think you might like stuff like that.
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    Biking, photography, hiking, collecting mushrooms and wild berries
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    I ended up turning to music and getting a bass guitar. It's nice, when you're frustrated with the rigid nature of coding, to switch to a task that's more about the feeling than the rules & structure.
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    I do a lot of cycling now. Good to go out and clear your head. Also lots of apps and fitness tracking gadgets suitable for a developer.
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    But... It's scary outside...
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    I have run at least 5km each morning for 2 years and I love it! I also work a lot in my garden, it's very realaxing for me to dig my hands into the dirt.
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    Let me search something on my browser...
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    Bouldering is very much like programming (problem solving, efficient algorithms, teamwork, ...). Maybe give it a try 😉
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    I'm half car guy and half computer guy. While I won't suggest you spend an average month's income on a project car, it can prove fun if you're into it.

    Other than that I'd suggest what pretty much everyone else is saying: find somewhere to hike/jog and pick up a good book.
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    I collect stamps,coins, read books, photograph, play one of the following: tennis badminton soccer basketball or volleyball on weekends.
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    I want to take up smithing, but no room and not allowed here.

    So currently I go to the shooting range and I hike a lot
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