The most difficult esoteric programming language is not Brainfuck. It is Malbolge:

"It took two years for the first Malbolge program to appear. The author himself has never written a Malbolge program. The first program ["Hello World"] was not written by a human being; it was generated by a beam search algorithm (...)"


So basically it took a brutforce try-and-error approach to write "Hello World". Absolutely crazy! Imagine malware written like that 🤖

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    You mean its not Javascript?
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    Since it needs the interpreter and lacks any IO except read and write to std in/out its not useful for malware :)
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    @Demolishun JS is not difficult. It’s just painfully annoying.
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    Some people just want to watch the world burn. It does look fun though.
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    'The standard interpreter and the official specification do not match perfectly. One difference is that the compiler stops execution with data outside the 33–126 range. Although this was initially considered a bug in the compiler, Ben Olmstead stated that it was intended and there was in fact "a bug in the specification".'

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