Company calls today. Offers me a job which is great i have been looking for 7 months.
Today hurricane irma is coming its getting close gas stations are out of fuel. No water at stores. Chaos on the roads.
Company asks me to come in Tommorow for interview. 😑

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    Surely they'll understand the weather is out of your control? And if not, perhaps the job may not be as good as it seems.
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    Dude just reschedule... Every person with a little bit of brain left would understand. Even better if they end up bitching about it, because you'd have dodged a bullet.
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    arent all the hurricanes named after women ?
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    @aEEEdev Jose and Harvey don't sound very female to me
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    I heard it somewhere that usually hurricanes are named after women . Maybe that custom was changed !
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    Male names have only been included on the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) storm lists since 1979.

    Sorry i have been ignorant !
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    Just step out the door, with any luck you might end up being thrown through the company's door by the hurricane. Now that's a cool way to travel.

    'my other car is a level 4 hurricane'
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    Update. Went to "interview" which they then told me was an assessment. Had me fill out 75 questions. On an online form. And than didn't interview me at all. SHAME SHAME ON YOU
    Walgreens. All the while my poor old dad was putting up shutters by himself. I should never have gone.
    Had to wait for gas for 40 minutes.
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    @skprog that's a red flag if I've ever seen one
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