Facebook made my day: "Your email and resume say Unix-like systems, which is not exactly Unix."

Source: http://imgur.com/hw2pnDt

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    *face-palm* recruiters when they're best.
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    What? So they've got legacy Unix systems..?

    Edit: Oh, Unix-like
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    That genuinely looks like it became a battle of wills. The engineer was obviously right, but seemed to refuse to just say what the recruiter wanted to hear (even though he could easily and been right). The recruiter also refused to accept anything other than the exact spec (even though I sense he did understand). In the end, the recruiter had the power...
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    Life lesson. Don't try to school the highly desirable corporation that you're trying to get a job with.

    I'd have archived your email and deleted you as a prospect when you came back with the "tutorial".

    They obviously know what they are looking for and I'm also sure they understand the technical nuances.

    The reply just makes the applicant sound like a know it all smart arse. Which to be fair is a typical junior dev.
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    ya and Javascript is a Java like language -_-
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    @SSDD Interviews are a two way street.
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    @Wallpaper I would argue not for an intern applying to one of the biggest and desirable companies on the planet.

    For an experienced dev that can pick and choose where she/he's going. Yes.
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    @SSDD Interns as well, you're still providing a service to them and you'd put their name on a resume
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    @Wallpaper I hear you, I really do. But I'm talking real life.

    You start being a smart ass like that and you're not going to make a good impression. It's like I said initially, I'm quite sure that the folks at Facebook understand the technical nuance of what the kid was explaining, but they have their spec and they made it clear. Him teaching them how to suck eggs makes him look like an idiot in my opinion.

    If I'm going for a job at the worlds biggest bakery, I'm not gonna get into an argument about the technical nuances that outline the vague differences between a scone and a biscuit.

    If they are looking for someone to bake biscuits and I say I bake scones, then they come back and say my experience doesn't fit, my own inter personal skills and common sense tells me that I'm not gonna do myself any favours by lecturing them on why they are wrong.
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    @SSDD Being a smart ass, rather than a kiss ass, gets your further. How do I know? Life experience.
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    @SSDD affirmative
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    @Wallpaper sorry I can't do it. I can't let it lie.

    What you just said about being a smartass rather than a kiss ass sounds like something only a total douche would say.

    The saying "no-one likes a smart ass" is a saying for a reason.

    However to bring it back to something resembling logic; you can't possibly know that being a smart ass gets you further in life. That's a really odd thing to say. Further than what?! Further than who?!

    And given that you only have one life and therefore can't A/B test the relatively small number of truly pivotal moments in your life, you have no idea where you might be had you selectively not been a smart ass at those key points.
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    @SSDD Being a smart ass isn't equivalent to being a douche bag. Again, no one respects the kiss ass in the office. You have one life, don't waste it trying to kiss up to someone.

    Also, the saying is no one likes a kiss ass.
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