Hey, fellow devranters!
I'd like to know what is your laptop-os choose. I am looking for new laptop now and quite tempted by Mac but a lot of people say it is overpriced. Another option for me is putting new ssd to my old laptop and upgrading its ram. I am a little bit confused :/

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    Windows 10 because I feel most comfortable with it.. I use different OS on VM for some work or tools not working on newer OS anymore.
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    Mac are fucking uberpriced highly gimped glorified netbooks spec wise, I cant wait to see the day to see them finally just stop bother making their laptops (not gonna happen sheeple buy it as a social status badge) and stay way from Alienware, they are an unfunny meme basically and borderline the Micro$oft Mac version laptops, wont comment at all in laptops since it have been a while since I was up to that to that stuff, if you want that fancy hipster like OS look that is Linux distro you can check ElementaryOS though http://elementary.io/
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    If you use your computer for work, you want Unix and you value your time a lot, then take a Mac even if it is overpriced.
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    @fun2code no... Because you don't lose time in system configuration ;)

    I've always used Linux and god if I love Linux, but at some point you really need to get stuff done and you can't stand fixing network issues and broken applications anymore.

    If something's true about Apple's stupid campaigns is that "it just works".
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    @fun2code You've been lucky... I did have problems, and many colleagues I know did too :(

    Especially with wifi. I also tried to switch to a better supported wifi card but damn, every once in a while it stops working and you have to restart the services... Or the machine.
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    For getting things done and to have best of all the worlds go for Mac. No wattage of time to make the desktop give a feel of using it. Brew is always there to give the whole Linux based OS's packages. Over priced - let me think, the assembly is awesome, using one since 2013, just upgraded the ram recently. Still I use Linux at work, and a big fan of Fedora. But nothing can beet a mbp.
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    I have a MacBook air (late 2015) and I've got to say (though I hate myself for it) that MacOS fairly good for programming related stuff.

    1. Pretty decent text editors / IDEs
    2. Built in bash/zsh
    3. Manages multiple displays pretty ok(just as well as x IMO)
    4. Battery life is just gorgeous (I charge it less often than my phone)

    That being said, I believe my conscience would be cleaner if I sticked to my Arch full free software setup. On the other hand, using this machine is pretty much effortless.

    I'm sorry if I offended anyone's religious beliefs, I know the struggle of being a gnu/Linux ranger myself. I get it.
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    Fedora for me :). Stable and just works!
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    Asus fx502 for everything... Dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu...so I can game... I paid about 1000 dollars for it.. Gtx1060 3gb,I7-6700hq,8gb ram (i plan to upgrade to 16),250 gb sdd, 1tb hdd... Pretty thin, about 2kg which is portable enough... For me it's more than enough in every aspect... Take a look if it's available in your country
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    Elementary OS if you like the Mac desktop environment
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    ^^^my current nickname.
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    Have used the big 3 (Ubuntu distro) and gotta say it’s really a lot of hoopla. Macs don’t have the best specs but make up for it in having software developed just for those specs. If you go windows in or Linux I recommend MSI brand. I like a Linux environment a lot but I’d say mostly go with the environment you want to target building products for. If that market is agnostic, eg full web stack, go Linux probably, but if you want to make apps you can make android on a Mac but you can’t make apple apps on windows. But without some tricks you can’t make .exe’s on a Mac.
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