If only.

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    Team building is the saddest thing ever. Just put beer on the table in Friday. Done
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    @retoor s/Friday//g
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    Some of the shit I’ve seen people attempt for team building. It’s as if the people coming up with these stopped being human decades ago, they do not understand how normal people behave and interact.
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    Yes. I was always bewildered by the way firms advertised jobs with such perks because everything that motivated us to work is money right? We don't do the job for fun or anything. But then i had breakfast at the Google office with friend who works there and understood where this come from. When you can have a breakfast every fucking day which would shit you at least, I shit you not, 35 Euro in the cafe next door, for free it *is* actually a thing to take in account. So once again the cringe of jobs advertised with shitty perks is a product from mediocre firms sad attempts be like Google and such..
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    i think you can get rid of that pizza part of the right side
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    @horus I just make a sandwich at home and bring it for lunch.
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    @horus maybe that is where the resources to keep projects alive for more than 6 months is going.
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    @stackodev I prefer to food provided by company for 30,- in month or so. Eat as much as you want and always fresh. Previous employer ordered two deluxe sandwiches for everyone for free. They had also masseurs on the office weekly btw. Sick stuff
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    @retoor amen. Provide free booze/pizza and everyone is peachy.

    Encouraging pairing / mobbing / discussions is good too
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    I'm enjoying the distinction between "pizza party" and "pizza"
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