OLED display 2010
wireless charging 2012
face recognition 2015
starting from only $$$
thanks apple, like every year, cannot wait for iphone parody videos :D

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    Yep all old technologies ... all improved and made better.

    Think you left that last bit out
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    @practiseSafeHex sure sure sure... Like the face id epic fail?
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    Technically iOS 11 is still in beta, so it's not that big of a deal to see it fail. When apple releases the phone to public, they have an absolutely amazing reputation (in my opinion) for perfecting the features. If for whatever reason a feature unexpectedly doesn't work as expected when released to public, Apple has always been amazing at fixing these issues promptly.

    I heavily believe in excellent build quality and product support. Apple is the ONLY company that meets and exceeds my standards for the magnitude of build quality and product support of their products.
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    @VirtualProtect remember when they released maps? Yeah...that was high standards there.
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    @ryanmhoffman that's where product support comes in. They were not sluggish in fixing their issues and releasing updates. Considering they used a relatively new approach at mapping (vector graphics), I think they did a great job at supporting and standing by their app.
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    @ryanmhoffman also, vector data came in from external APIs (TomTom). So technically the apple maps issue came from inaccurate data from TomTom.
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    @ryanmhoffman but with that being said, they should be able to stand by their third party providers, if choosing to use them. I think they still did a great job with prompt updates and fixes.
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    @demiko No company is perfect, yes maps was a huge failure, just like dozens of Android issues and everything Microsoft released since XP.

    But the sad truth is that iPhone is far from behind the competitors: https://twitter.com/codinghorror/...

    Year on year they are out performing the competitors. The Google pixel performs worse in the above benchmarks than a 4 year old iPhone.

    Everyone is complaining apple doesn't innovate, while simultaneously not listening while they explain their new innovations
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    @demiko Really? its funny cause i'm looking at the Qi spec and don't see any of the new stuff there, quite funny that you think they are copying someone else when it hasn't existed before.

    Looking at Samsungs face mapping and they do basic 2D face mapping, Apple built a new way to do it in 3D with dual cameras and an on device neural engine.

    Don't think those can be "fixed" by rooting an Android device. Same way you can't fix the HTC hardware de-bouncing issues, or the fact that the CPU's and GPU's are clocked higher but deliver a fraction of the throughput. Lets not forget the time Samsung tried to claim their hardware resolution was higher than it actually was because of the software tricks they implemented. And [insert countless privacy issues with google here].

    Nobody asked you to like the new iPhone, nobody asked you to buy it, but don't shit on their innovation because you don't like it, care or understand it
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    @practiseSafeHex everything ms released since xp... Apple fans are so funny... Actually ms improved a lot starting from xp... 9x sucked
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    @dontbeevil I was actually a die hard windows fan for a long time and left because of how bad things got.

    vista came after xp, that ugly ass metro crap came after xp, and those fantastic windows 10 error messages came after xp
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    @practiseSafeHex Did you just saw windows 10 error messages without actually using it?
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    @dontbeevil my gf's work laptop is windows 10, have had to try help her debug stuff
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    @Jop- doesn't mean anything, unused RAM is wasted RAM, here it explains everything

    don't confuse the OS RAM usage with chrome (for example) RAM usage, OS manage the RAM so if some process needs it OS give to it, chrome cannot and doesn't do the same :)
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    @Jop- that's the same many of other OS/SW: mac os, android... the min requiresement increase with the time, but also increase the number of the futures: How much RAM require windows 3.1 and 9x ?
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    @Jop- can't remember all the changes made from xp to 7, I dropped 7 since windows 8... On the other hand 7 was lighter than vista :)
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