I wonder, before with the touch id one needed your fingure to unlock your phone, so if you ware sleeping and someone touches your fingure you might wake up but with the new face id someone can just scane your face while you are sleeping for exempt your wife that you are cheating on... And can read your messages and other stuf, or ther people... I wonder if they did something to prevent that.

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    Face ID does not work if your attention is not on the iPhone. So closed eyes? Not gonna unlock.
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    Yup. They did. Eyes on the phone. You don't sleep with eyes open do you?
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    If i need my fucking eyes to unlock the phone then it's not that much different from the Samsungs eye scanner...
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    How hard is it to look at your phone for 2 seconds in order to unlock it? Especially when you're unlocking your phone TO FUCKING LOOK AT IT ANYWAY.

    The software and technology behind it are different from scanning an iris, so even though it does the same thing in the end, the back end is very different. By your same logic, my phone's fingerprint scanner "is not that much different" either.
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