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Yet another step towards the God's eye in Fast & Furious. Since it requires a 360 scan of a face, CIA just requires a photo to find anyone in the planet who's using an iPhone X [Stands for Expensive]. There's a reason why Apple ditched the fingerprint sensor.
RIP #Privacy 😶

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    I thought the point of the new neural network chip was that the face info did not need to be sent to apple for comparison but was processed locally in the phone so the data never leaves the phone.

    Not saying the technology cannot be misused, just that they seem to have learned at least one lesson?
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    @Voxera You really believe what they say...
    They only require the model of the face generated by the sensors. 😂
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    @var-i @voxera

    Well, they launched the Vision api along with CoreML during WWDC, and the whole point of that is to do image recognition on device. Why wouldn’t they use that technology even for FaceID?
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    Oh No!
    Or could it be worse?...could it be Illuminati?
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    How could FaceID work offline if it send the data to Apple's servers every time? Y'all are overthinking this
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