I am fucked.... 😫😫😫My new custom build pc is not starting up after lighting strike 😭😭 ... I had unplugged all the plugs from the socket but i forgot to unplug the wifi from the broadband cable.... So when lighting hit my building the current came through broadband cable and burned my wifi then through there it got to my pc... My motherboard, gtx1070 graphic card, ram everything is gone.... Except my hard drive and psu...

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    So the current went cable - > modem / router -> ethernet -> pc?

    Otherwise I can't see how.

    But yeah, sucks.

    Though if it went through the cable, then others plus the isp box should be broken tho :p
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    I thought WiFi was... Wireless?
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    @lotd yeah my WiFi and PC is connected with Ethernet cable... so u can see in the image current condition of my WiFi Ethernet port and Ethernet cable
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    @Jonnyforgotten now i bought these.... New wifi and wireless adapter for my pc... I need to go to service center to replace everything now...
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    Here in switzerland we got warranty for that! 2 Years for free...
    Because of the Law!
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    Fuck man... I feel your pain.
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    Check your house insurance. It might cover the broken equipment.
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    U should stop calling modem/router as wifi 🤔
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    Yeah dude, there says router, your picture is a router, call it router, it's for your own good.
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    Good to know... Didn't know power surges can go through Ethernet cable...
    Sorry about your machine
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    Sorry to hear that yo. I'll pour one out over my broken modem for you
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    @Ryuk RIP WAN port
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    Burnt wifi is like all the air lighting in fire
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    Every building has proper earthing in 2017, how did lighting strike travel through your supply port is the main question here.....
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    @sam9669 Every building it's supposed to, but I know a lot of buildings where the electric installations aren't okay.
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    oooo .. that 1070 .. oooo
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    @sam9669 Almost every earth protection is badly done and needs maintenance every 5/10 years...
    It's actually very expensive to maintain earth protection because the metal placed in the earth gets corroded realy fast...
    Most homes here just have a steel rod in the ground, not even the 2 meters minimum required...
    Like, in my parents house the rod was placed 40 years ago bellow the house... So it poses more danger then safety (when the rods get corroded the electric charge will electrify the floor and walls up to hundreds of meters)
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