Me: ya hi, we integrated with your API and I'm receiving error x
Provider: ok we'll disable validation, plz check
Me: ya it works, what's the problem? I used a GUID for id and I'm sure it's unique, here is URL and request body
Provider: you have something wrong in your implementation. Fix it and it will work
Me: aaand what's the wrong part of my implementation?
Provider: id is not unique, fix it. *Hangs up*

I sometimes sit and wonder, how and why does this kind of people get hired, FOR FUCK SAKE YOU ARE THE PROVIDER AND YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG!
fucking useless ...

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    Congrats on your 10k! 😉
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    @shellbug Thanks man ^_^
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    > globally unique identifier
    > not unique

    A perfect 5/7 response. I doubt he even knows what GUID means
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    Make a written complaint and say your going to change the provider...
    My dad gets discounts every year... Because the speed is not the announced, because there is a campaign only for new costumers (it's illegal in Portugal, if you request you can get the campaign discounts)
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    @RodrigoF I reported it to PM and he did his job shouting at them lol
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    @RodrigoF OH I didn't know those were illegal... Need to remember that when the contract is over.
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    Yes because a company can't sell the same product your still paying at different prices. If they make a discount or give a offer to new clients then they have to give the same to old clients. Except if the old client already got a discount / offer
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